Achtung die Kurve

A game commissioned by my student dorm MEKmekmek. An adaptation of the classic Achtung die Kurve game with controller support and up to 6 players!

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A game made for the 7DFPS challenge. An experimental game created to explore boss battles in the first person shooter genre. Inspired by Shadow of the Colossus and Metroid Prime.


Space Trader

A multiplayer game where you log-in with your smartphone and battle against friends on a shared screen. Collect resources, steal from your foes and buy upgrades.


Run forever in an endless struggle to gain meters. Don't hesitate or look back, because the floor will disappear beneath your feet! Go, get your high score while you still can!


Vectro Wars

Multiplayer pong. Defend the planet from an onslaught of asteroids. Grab upgrades and collaborate or play in versus mode to compete.


Speed RPG

Speed RPG is a game concept for creating a fast phased role playing game. It rewards you for moving and dodging as quickly as possible. Loop around as many times as you can in this exciting roguelike.



Submerge yourself in the world of submarine control. Decode Morse code messages, plot intersection courses and predict moves. Turn the tide in the war for freedom!


Planet Clicker

A game about human greed and the repercussions of using natural resources and the expanding human race in our solar system. A game for the Gogbot festival.


Cyber Defence

A failed game about first person tower defense with weapons that you can only use once. The major reason why it failed was the dificulity curve design. It needed much more testing.


Evil Santa Rampage

A game about burning the gifts from needy children. Teach those spoiled kids a lesson in anti-materialism! Burn as many presents at a time and score mad points! Very fun!