Space Trader

For Ludum Dare 30 we wanted to do something special. So we created a game where we would connect two different worlds. These worlds would be hosted by different devices. One host screen and multiple clients. Inspired by the tablet design of the WII U but without the limitations of only having one tablet.

Usually, with games like this, you need one computer and many mobile devices to play the game. We wanted the users to use any device (mobile, tablet or PC) to host or to serve the game. Although it is easier to put the server on a big screen. To achieve this Siewart van Wingerden designed a new technology in Unity that would connect the devices via a link. This smart link would figure out the type of device and automatically download an Android app or windows / mac binary. After which it also grabbed the IP address to connect to in game. All via scanning a generated QR code.

By figuring out what device was played on, it was possible to enhance the experience by using mobile-specific features as tilting and gestures to control the game. You can setup form every device: a client or a server, so enjoy everywhere you like! #marketing-slang (Doge-comment: “wow, such marketing, much boast, very amaze.”)

The game can be played here.

Music in game and in the trailer by Jens East

I could explain the gameplay elements, but why not watch a short gameplay trailer and let it do the talking for me? Eh?