Typewriters in the Technology Age


Typewriter (not mine unfortunately, but a good look-alike)

The age of computers has been here for over three decades. We live in a digital age where mistakes can be easily corrected with the press of two buttons. Control and z. The same ease we now push every key on our chocolate style keyboards. However, the satisfaction of typing has left with the machine that brought the word. The typewriter.

The mystical machine that brought it all. For the first time we weren’t punished for misusing its predecessor. The pen and paper. Our miserable handwriting was never to be seen again and was replaced by the ‘typeface’ or ‘font’ to the rest of us. Each one with his or her specific characteristics. One more loved then the other. One liked the Italian Olivetti style better, while others preferred their German counterpart, Triumph.

The Typewriter Today

However, up until today, the typewriter still receives love from many. Especially from writers. Many of them feel that the typewriter helps them write better. Since what you type is indefinite. No backspace here. Also, some claim that the satisfying sound of typing inspires and motivates. I also use my typewriter as an excuse to type more often.

But the old technology comes with a price. My first typewriter was dirty and dusty without mercy. I spent two whole weekends to get it back to a state of typing. Also, I still have to practice typing. Since my fingers aren’t used to reproducing so much force. Especially my pinkies are struggling to get a decent q or z on the paper. You definitely need to take a rest from typing if you are not trained. To keep RSI at a distance.

My Experience

That said, it still is an amazing experience I could recommend to anyone. Typewriters are easy to come by these days and not too expensive. I was lucky and got one for Christmas, but I saw them sell for less then fifteen. Which is an absolute bargain if you ask me. If you have the chance to get one, I would. It is worth trying. Even if you are just to tame your inner nostalgia. They are not that expensive yet. And since hipsterism (for lack of a better word) is on the rise, who knows what could happen?