RoomRacers – Ludum Dare 36


RoomRacers startup screen

At the 36th Ludum Dare I participated with Kylian Rijnbergen to create a game in the theme of “One Room”. During the jam we created a small game called RoomRacers in which you race four others to the end of the level, which is as big as one ‘screen’. The level never changes, but the obstacles become harder every lap. The one who has the best time throughout all of the levels wins.

Level screenshot

Each different obstacle has its own set of levels to make the player get accustomed to the mechanics of the obstacle. Once all mechanics have been introduced in isolation, a set of five levels combines them all in a progressive sense.

The game was created with the GameMaker engine, which had been  a long time ago for us both, but as Kylain did not yet know how to work with Unity3D, this was the engine of choice. The game supports 4 gamepads, a keyboard and a mouse for input. The input method is chosen at the start of the level.

Input selection screen

The game can be downloaded here.