Achtung Die Kurve


For my student dorm, I created a clone of the Achtung die Kurve game in order to allow them to play on the couch with controllers a keyboard and even a mouse, which was not possible with other iterations of the same game. The game is sort of a combination between the older arcade game Tron and Snake, however, you are only allowed to move in curves. The curves also randomly break at certain intervals such that other players can move in between these sections. The game can be played with up to 6 others, but only if you have 4 gamepads, a mouse and a keyboard plugged into the same computer. The game is sectioned into rounds where the last player standing wins. The game becomes extremely chaotic and fun when you play with enough others.

The visuals of the game are inspired by the same visuals we used for the Vectro Wars game, with neon colours and an 80ties aesthetic. The game can be downloaded here and played here.