1000 words a week – part 3 – sexytime


“Hey guys, before I start off I want to thank every single one of you who has read my posts so far and especially the friend who have commented on my writing. I have had a lot good response so far and I hope I can satisfy your expectations.

The third week has past and I am heading towards the first month of writing weekly. And to be honest, it has been good to me. I now have some time to relax and let my creativity freely flow towards my fingers. Although I find it hard to start writing, when I get beyond that point it feels like a second nature already. This time I have written a more happy toned part so I can picture some contrast to the upcoming part. Which is going to be a lot darker. I wish you a blast reading this part and keep that feedback comming!

“I was, well, ambushed by the cops while I was doing a job. One of yours came by and was polite enough to give me a hand. So I joined up. He was pretty handsome, I might add.” She had always been easily charmed.

“Was he blonde and a tad on the muscular side?” I asked, just so I knew if she meant Blade.

“Yeah, that sounds like him, is he yours?” She smiled playfully, as if she was teasing me. I knew she was on the right track. I had always thought of him him more than just a friend. But never had the guts to tell him, since he saw me as his little sister. I never had a chance.

“Huh? Blade, no. Relationships are bad for business. You of all people should know that by now.” I replied all serious like.

“Yeah right, let’s not talk about that. Shall we join the rest?” She quickly changed subjects.

I just nodded and followed her trough the exit on the roof.

We entered the main room and some of the others were already there. Talking to each other about the events that took place. Blade was also there, sitting behind his laptop with Mike leaning on his shoulder looking at the screen. I looked who was missing and went by all the attending members. Cheff, Vick and Jake were sitting on the pillows talking and Marchel was leaning against a pole. He was the silent type, never said a word. Many of the team hated him, he was always far too serious and never showed any emotion. Typical Japanese anti-hero figure.

At first I tried to penetrate his metal wall of comfort, but gave up on him after a month of intense trying. Simply started to lose interest. Now I just didn’t care if he was here or not. How he ever joined the team was a mystery to me. And as usual, Blade didn’t want to talk about it. As he did with many things. Sometimes I imagined all sorts of traumas which he could have endured, maybe some of the more plausible ones were actually true.

“Ah, you made it, good. Could you come here for a second, I want to show you something.” He sounded way too excited. So I swung myself towards him and claimed the other shoulder.

“Look at this!” Wow, a map of the city. Nothing special. So I looked again, and again, and… well I couldn’t find a damn thing. Nothing that would get him this exited anyway.

“What was I supposed to see again?” I asked.

“Ok Mike, show her.” He leaned towards me, which I quite liked, and Mike claimed the wireless keyboard and within a minute I saw all sorts of red dots moving around the city. There were more than I could count, and with the speed some were moving I lost track each time I tried. But still, I had no idea what the dots could represent, so I just looked him in the face all confused.

“Ok, ok, So when you were doing all kinds of stunts with these popo’s, we tracked their radio signals and figured out a certain frequency pattern which they use with their radio’s. The pattern consists of numbers which are all….” And he stopped for a second, staring at me like I was an idiot and continued.

“Well, Mike wrote something fancy and now we know where all these buggers are and where they are going.” Suddenly everyone was silent and raced over to the computer screen and watched with marvel.

“It gets better” he continued “within a few days we will know what they will be doing and what their routines are based on previous days. Also, now I will be able to warn each one of you when one of them comes close! ”

Still silence.

Then suddenly all hell broke loose. Everyone started cheering and shouting. I couldn’t believe it myself and stared at the screen, seeing the dots move around the city. Everyone else was fetching drinks and food, from places I had never known existed. I all went by a little fast and before I knew it I was drinking lots of alcohol and felt my worries float away. Which was a very good thing. Finally time to do some relaxing after all that stress and the daily buzz. Jill also seemed to be at ease and merged with the group exceptionally well. Not that it surprised me or anything, she had always been one of the social types. She did well with any type of community. Though her looks were partially responsible. Even I could not deny that.

I returned my attention back towards Blade, who was filling up glasses with some kind of liquor. “You want some?” he asked while he was already tilting the bottle way too far towards my glass. Why not, what could possibly go wrong huh? “Hit me!” I shouted. And the glass was full once again. I was not looking forward towards next morning, the feeling was well over done already and the night had only just started. I noticed my head spinning a little.

We exchanged stories of the old days and brought Jill up to speed on what was happening lately. Made jokes, threw our hearts on the table and later that night Jill had reached her goal. She was kissing and leaving with Brussels. And she knew I knew. As she left the door, lying in is arms, she turned her head towards me and stuck her tongue out. Poor, poor Brussels. He had no idea what he was getting into, a world of disappointment and pain. She was just there for the sex. Had a relationship once and never again. That’s what she told me. How on earth did she do that so fast? Not that she wanted to follow in her footsteps, no she was far to sober for a ‘one night stand’.

Blade poked her shoulder and smiled politely. “Are you doing ok?” He asked. Gentleman as always. “Uhuh, yeah, a tad on the drunk side, but I’ll manage. You?” Damn that was fast, I fell for him already. “Me? I am always fine, want another drink to ease the pain?” as he nodded towards the empty pillows on which Jill and Brussels had been seated. “What pain?” I asked all ignorantly, as if I did not know what he was referring to. “C’mon, you know what I mean. Jealousy is the word you are looking for.”

“Oh, so you think I am jealous of Jill for having a partner tonight? What makes you think so?” Ok, I’ll play your game for a while, Blade.

“The way she teases you, plus, I know you have an eye on someone.”

“And you are going to tell me who that is right? Try me.” Hah, got you now boy!

“Nope!” and he moved fast as light towards me and placed his hand in my neck and kissed me. Full on the lips. I was in total shock, nothing I could do or say to make him stop. Not that my mind had figured it out wether I wanted this or not. But my heart said “fuck yeah!” It skipped not a single beat and started pounding like a maniac. I felt a tongue slip in and he slowly lay me on the ground. He moves fast! I let it all happen and started to ease in and enjoy the moment. My brains still hadn’t processed the thought of me kissing with the love of my life. Nothing mattered anymore. I simply did not care for anything in the world, but that this would never, ever stop.

Usually I would be embarrassed or worried someone would find out or see us for only a second, but I simply didn’t. Hell, I did not care if the whole world was watching. I was lying on the ground with him! French kissing, for that matter. All that doubt of him not liking me was gone like smoke in a storm. And he was good. He was like an explorer, he touched me on places I had never let anyone touch me. Slowly he made his way around my body, carefully and slowly.

(the rest is for next time :P)