1000 words a week – part 4 – Invasion


“Hallo readers, this is my forth post and the first milestone has been reached. I have been writing for a whole month now! And to be frank, I am enjoying this weekly thing more than ever. This time I had the pleasure of working next to one of my favorite roommates who worked on a video game we are creating for the leap motion (link down below). It is great to work and to talk a bit while writing. Makes this whole “typing alone in a boring room” thing less apparent. Also it seems to keep the overall tone of the story a bit more natural and less influenced by my personal feelings. Which is great. But that might also be because I seem to be in love. Or, so I hear. But, enough about me, back to writing the story. And as promised, to my friends discouragement, another cliff hanger! So get on to reading and don’t forget to give me any feedback you would like to share! It is very much appreciated.

Greetings Peter.”

As he made his decline and started to move towards my lower body the tension raised. My mussels tensed. I just laid there, waiting anxiously. He came closer and closer to my crotch. Filling my mind with fantasies about what he could be doing. Instead, he just skipped and moved up my legs and kissed them after every short interval. Damn this was annoying, but I had never felt so good in my entire life. As he kissed my feet he started to move to the other leg and worked his way back. Pleasure rose and I started to grasp for air.

When he entered my private area he teased some more and I felt my underwear getting wet. And just when he wanted to start we suddenly heard shots coming from the outside. Totally shocked we both stopped and quickly putting our clothes back were they had belonged. Struggling to get my paints back on, he ran to the desk. Pulled a drawer open and took out a pistol. I slowly got up and made my way towards the wall. Knife waved his hand and pointed to the steel frame on the side. I needed to hide. With the door still closed, it was hard to hear what was going on.

More gunshots were fired and screams this time. My senses started to work again and the adrenaline pumped again. Even after our little moment, it still hadn’t run out, apparently. I placed my ear against the steel wall, trying to hear what on earth was happening. I heard voices talking, man mostly. I couldn’t hear what they were saying since they seemed to whisper. The screams had died out. Which was more disturbing than comforting. I knew where they had come from. My friends in the other water towers. They probably got shot or hurt.

Suddenly I heard quick footsteps coming my way and a few shots were fired again. “Get her! Don’t let her escape!” The man shouted. The sound of a machine gun broke the silence. The same sound she heard this morning when she was perused by the cops! I turned my head towards Knife and signaled him that we were attacked by the police. He nodded and pointed at the computer monitor. I moved towards him, as he intended. Slowly, without producing any sound, I made my way towards him. The floor squeaked a little but I hoped no one was able to hear it but us. “Hey, there are some in here!” One of the man spoke to the supposed captain. Shit! I quickly dodged to the ground and lay as low as I could possibly get myself. The machine gun fired and hundreds of bullets smashed through the metal walls. Loud bangs and metal shattered like it was glass. Beams of light came through the holes in the wall. The wall was slowly turning into a slice of cheese. So far I had not been hit, thank god. But I had no idea how Knife was doing. Not that I knew where he was, I just hoped he would still be alive.

My head was working on ways to get out without being hit by the never ending stream of metal coming my way. So fare they had only fired mostly straight and none of the bullets had passed through the floor. The door was way too risky and required me to stand up, which was by no means a good idea. Another idea was to crawl to the entrance in the floor, the way she got in, in the first place. That sounded a lot more appealing. And just in time she regained control over her body and rational troughs started to flow in her mind again. Good timing! Keeping my body as flat as I could, I crawled towards the middle of the room and shoved the carpet away. Quickly opened the hatch and ped in head first. The floor of the building coming closer at an alarming rate. I tensed my arms and braced for impact. Using my downward momentum and the damping effect of my buckling arms I saved myself from a broken neck. I wasted no time to make my way out and sprinted towards the stairs. Jumping and turning ninety degrees in air, and landing on the handrail with my back, slid me downwards. Jumping off and pushing my feet against the upcoming wall, turning back at the rail.

With just a few minutes I ended up jumping through the window at the first floor, just to catch on to the water pipe on the opposite building. I quickly recovered and climbed my way up to the fifth floor and smashed in another window with my elbow as I swung in. I saw the surprised looks on the addict’s faces just for a flash since I had already moved in two other rooms filled with alcohol and drugs consuming residence. The stink was so bad, I could smell it while I was running. No way was I stopping here, not in this crap hole. No way. Bang, another window shattered to pieces as I went through to migrate to the next abandoned flat. Wondering what miserable people would have nested themselves here.

No one. The building was entirely whipped clean. I let myself stop a second to catch some extra bits of air. I looked around and was totally shocked. The wall was smeared with blood. And on the floor there traces of blood everywhere. As I looked closer I saw bullets lying on the floor and holes through the walls. It smelled even worse than the last building I had left. The odor of dead bodies and dried organs and blood penetrated my nose and my stomach turned a hundred and eighty degrees. I quickly turned around, only to find more lines of blood on the floor. Which all led to the door in front of me, as if the ones responsible for the bloodshed had dragged their victims from the crime scene. Hand prints showed signs of struggle and resistance. What on earth happened here?!

(Find out next time! (Maybe…. 😛 ))